Devon Jarvis - Owner, R.Ac, FABORM, RMT

My why...

I grew up in the Peace Country, surrounded by nature, family and adventure. Our family has always been active. From a young age, we learned that we must eat healthy, stay active and be outside as much as possible, it was a way of life for us.

As I grew up and eventually chose my career path as an acupuncturist, I gradually learned the “why” to that. Why should we eat homegrown, why should we support local, why do we need to stay active, why is being outside so good for us? What does this all really do for us on the cellular level?
The answer seems obvious… “To stay healthy, of course”. To me, the answer is much more complex than that.

I view the human body as a whole, what makes you, you. How did you get here? What has shaped you? Are you thriving?
Genetics, upbringing, life experiences, diet, lifestyle, exercise, breathing, eating… to name a few. All of these things got you HERE. This is so important. All of these things are so fascinating, and they matter to me.

My passion is to help people. To do this I educate, provide tailored treatment options and informed health advice.  I provide the simplest and most natural products possible to nurture and serve YOU. I do this to help you thrive in your own life and in your own way.

My why is because I want to thrive. I want my family and friends to thrive and I want YOU to thrive.