Devon Jarvis Owner, Registered Acupuncturist, Registered Massage Therapist

Born and raised in the Peace Country, Devon has a unique understanding of this community and its needs.

Devon spent 10 years in Edmonton, where she completed her 5 years of post secondary education and received her Diploma of Massage Therapy 2011 and Diploma of Acupuncture 2014 at Grant MacEwan University. She gained her experience in a variety of settings during her time in Edmonton, including being involved in the Pediatric Integrative Medicine Trial at the Stollery Children’s Hospital. In this study, the use of holistic modalities such as, acupuncture and massage therapy, were used to treat pain, anxiety and nausea in hospitalized children. Devon also carried out her practice at various clinics that primarily specialized in the treatment of infertility and musculoskeletal conditions.

Now, with over 12 years experience, Devon has fine tuned her skills in the areas of pain and injuries, mental wellness and reproductive health. A desire to serve her community, combined with her expertise, Devon was drawn back to this area to open Peace Region Wellness, Acupuncture and Massage Therapy.

Devon views the human body as a whole. Influencing one body system, affects another, whether its good or bad.

For example, mental distress can influence our skin, digestion and muscle tension while eating healthy and drinking plenty of water can improve our mood, digestion and overall health status.  This ripple effect within the body is what drew Devon into this field of medicine. “Being an acupuncturist, we can look at the patient as a whole and influence these body systems in a positive way, in turn improving a persons health in a non invasive manner”.

Keana Coulter, Second-Year Massage Therapy Student

Born and raised in the Peace Country, Keana is thrilled to be able to bring the learned skills and knowledge from her post secondary education, back into our community.

Keana has long been involved in athletics, in doing so, she was continually surrounded by various athletic therapists, including massage therapists. She very quickly realized the immense benefit of these services. Keana says, “It’s so intriguing how something that can seem so simple, is actually very complex and can influence many different body systems, not just the muscular system. “… “I chose to become a massage therapist because I want to help people, whether its relaxation, stress reduction or therapeutic massage, there is a massage style for everyone out there.”

Keana appreciates the uniqueness and versatility of massage therapy, “Everyone is different, and that’s one of my favorite parts of this professions. Every time you walk into the treatment room with your client, its always different from the last.”

Keana has experience treating teens, adults and geriatric demographics and is looking forward to learning more.

Keana is well on her way to completing her massage therapy training at the Alberta College of Massage Therapy. She is now at the stage in her education where she must complete her second-year 150 practical hours. This requires her to work under the supervision of a Registered Massage Therapist.  We are thrilled to have Keana at Peace Region Wellness for this stage of her education.

We are very lucky to have Keana here to service the health and wellness needs  that exist in our community.